You may now sign documents in a Zoom conference using the new DocuSign-Zoom connection.

Zoom and DocuSign unveiled today a new connection that allows you to examine and sign a document immediately within a Zoom conference.

Anyone who had to sign paperwork early in the epidemic remembers how scary and hazardous that was. We had to conduct business despite the fact that no one wanted to meet face to face.


Zoom and DocuSign unveiled today a new connection that allows you to examine and sign a document immediately within a Zoom conference, considerably simplifying legal procedures and removing the need to get in a car and go to an office.

In a blog post introducing the new functionality, the business noted, “DocuSign eSignature for Zoom enables enterprises to rethink agreement processes with virtual, face-to-face signing experiences that expedite time to agreement – while developing trust and loyalty.”


The pandemic created an ideal use case for remote document signing, according to Jerome Levadoux, SVP, head of eSignature Products at DocuSign. “The need for agility and improved productivity tools to suit the growing expectations of consumers has been underscored in recent years,” he added. That means giving all of the tools needed to complete the task in one place online, rather than having to open Zoom for meetings and DocuSign for contract signing. You get a process that’s lot more like what you’d get in person when everything is in the same app.


In most cases, the individual signing the paper has already had an opportunity to study it, and the meeting is only to exhibit and sign the documents. You add DocuSign from the Zoom marketplace to your account. DocuSign is now available in the Zoom interface. You begin a meeting, pick the papers to be signed, and then click the DocuSign button to begin the procedure.

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After that, you hand over responsibility to the first signer, finish any last negotiations, and have the first person sign. You would transmit control to the next person to sign if there were many signers. All attendees will get a PDF of the signed contract after the meeting, which will be delivered to the emails connected with the Zoom invite.

Throughout the epidemic, Zoom has become a critical component of internet enterprises. Other SaaS tools have also allowed us to keep doing business even when we couldn’t be together. Even when we return to the workplace, business may be performed in this manner without the need to travel to meet in person, saving not just time but also the environmental effect of several parties converging on a single area.


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