Updated Software That Will Recover All Your Data Free

Updated Software That Will Recover All Your Data Free

Our personal and professional data stored in our computers, if lost, can cause us financial and emotional distress. There are many scenarios which will cause such data loss; a number of them include accidental deletion, disk drive failure, software crashes, virus attacks etc.

5 Best Free Data Recovery Software

To prevent such mishaps, it’s advised to regularly backup the info on your computer. you’ll do this by uploading your data on an external disk drive or to a cloud utility tool like One Drive etc. Having a backup of your data gives you peace of mind against sudden data loss and its consequences.

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If you fail to backup your data and if you suffer data loss (due to any reason), then you would like to require the assistance of a knowledge recovery tool to recover your data.

A data recovery software recovers lost files from any storage media. The tool looks through the storage media to trace and recover your lost documents, PDFs, audio, video, emails, documents, etc.

In the post below, we’ll check out the simplest free data recovery software for Windows PC systems.
Stellar Data Recovery offers a free data recovery software for PC i.e. Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition, which is meant to recover all kinds of files like documents, folders, photos, videos, audio, etc. from all types of storage devices, like PC hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards, SSD drives, SD cards, etc.

The software scans your Windows PC, previews the lost files, and allows you to recover up to 1 GB of deleted data.


  • Recover lost or deleted documents, photos, videos, audio, email & more
  • Preview-before-you-recover feature.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Save up to 1GB of deleted data with the Free version.
  • With the professional version, you’ll enjoy unlimited and advanced recovery of knowledge .

2.Recuva for Windows

Recuva may be a light, free data recovery tool, which recovers various file types. It also can recover data from damaged disks. The tool is additionally ready to recover lost file directories and if you’re looking to recover two files of an equivalent name then the software automatically renames them.


  1. Supports several file types
  2. Deep scan feature
  3. User friendly interface

AnyRecover for Windows

AnyRecover for Windows is a complicated data recovery software, tailor-made to recover lost or deleted files from multiple data loss scenarios.


  • Recover quite 1000+ file types on Windows with one click
  • Access multi-level scan features
  • Recover from all loss scenarios like emptied trash, corrupted device, partition error, etc.
  • Get free technical support and lifelong free updates with the professional plan.

Disk Drill for Windows

Disk Drill for Windows is meant to recover files seamlessly on your Windows PC. The software also comes with advanced data recovery features, which enables you to also recover archived, hidden, and compressed, or encrypted files.

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  • Supports a good range of file formats and systems for your Windows PC.
  • Additional utilities like diagnostics, cleanup, duplicate finder, etc also are present
  • Multi-level scans functionality
  • Intuitive interface with a preview feature.
DiskDrill for Windows Interface

DiskDrill for Windows Interface

5) Recoverit for Windows

Recoverit Data Recovery Free is an intuitive data recovery tool that helps you to recover your lost data from all kinds of Windows device and storage media. It also supports external USB storage media, memory cards, SSDs and any internal or external disk drive .


  1. Recovers quite 1000+ file formats and kinds
  2. Recovers data from corrupted or formatted partitions.
  3. Upto 100MB of free recovery
Recoverit for Windows Interface

Recoverit for Windows Interface

How to safeguard your data?

Let us explore few easy methods which may assist you safeguard your valuable data

  1. Regularly backup your data: As discussed earlier within the post, doing regular backup is important in safeguarding your valuable data
  2. Invest in good antivirus/spyware: Computer viruses are a prominent threat and having an honest antivirus defence system can protect your computer from unwanted attacks
  3. Properly shutdown your computer: make sure that you properly pack up your computer after you’ve got completed your tasks. Save your data, close all applications then pack up your system. This adds longevity to your device.


It is essential to guard your valuable data against accidental loss, hardware/software crashes, virus attacks, etc. the primary defense is backing up your data, in order that you don’t lose your valuable info, albeit there’s fatal damage to your Windows device. just in case of no backup, a knowledge recovery software are often your ally by recovering your lost data. during this post, we checked out the prominent free data recovery software available within the market and explored their features. These free tools are easy to deploy and add multiple loss scenarios.

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