Updated Free 500mb For Airtel Users 2021

Airtel Free Data 2021
Airtel Free Data 2021

Updated Free 500mb For Airtel Users 2021

In the maximum amount most of the people seems to concluded that internet service providers provide us with data but seems to be expensive that’s what most of the people mention , but did you recognize you’ll still get mtn 9GB for N2000 and 24GB for 3500 it’s data plan with huge amount but it’s cheap but won’t be affordable for all. Nevertheless we bring back you the newest airtel free data of 2021 which will offer you 500MB for free of charge .

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This airtel free data is somehow associated with the previous year airtel free data of 1GB and 3GB free data that was provided by airtel, but now we are left with 500MB which is additionally something you’ll brag for getting for free of charge in 2021 officially provided by airtel respectively.

If you recognize in 2020 airtel will provide free 1GB data for folks that download and signup to their official app the method that you simply will got to follow for you to be ready to get this Airtel Free 500MB data is additionally associated with using the My Airtel App. Let’s get into detail.

Step By Step To Get Airtel 500MB Free Data, Airtel 2021 Free Data

  • Very simply you’ll just got to download My Airtel App for you to urge the airtel 500MB free.
  • After you’ve downloaded and installed My Airtel App to your device which may be gotten from here.
  • You will got to purchase or start using the app to get data that ranges from N999 which tends to be 1000 amounts of knowledge .

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In summary once you buy N1000 amount of knowledge using My Airtel App then you’ll be granted with free data of 500MB.

You can gain access to the app by just downloading the app, installing the app, providing your number on the my airtel app and requesting OTP.


Once you prove the OTP then you’ll now gain access to the app.


Airtel Free Data 2021

Airtel 500mb for free

Then finally you’ll plow ahead to get your data and obtain yourself free 500MB data from airtel as shown within the screenshot below.

Airtel Free Data 2021

Airtel Free Data 2021


How many times have you ever gotten your own 500MB free data from airtel? allow us to know within the comments section respectively.


Download My airtel App, check in to the app, purchase 1000 amounts of knowledge using the app and obtain 500MB for free of charge officially by airtel.

It’s not a trick or free browsing cheat but just a free data offer from airtel. Enjoy why it’s last.

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