Start Earning More Than 5000 ($12) On Cash Camel

Start Earning More Than 5000 ($12) On Cash Camel

Cash camel is an app that’s designed to require surveys and make money from the surveys like our greatest noble survey app referred to as zap surveys. you’ll actually make 10$ and more view the cash camel survey app.

Zap survey has been of great help to most of the people in times of providing people ways to form money online and
we all know zap surveys are for USA residents but we discover how to bypass it and gain access to the surveys the
same as applicable to cash camel survey app too.

What Is Cash Camel?

Cash camel may be a platform that gives people with a survey using an app that creates people to earn once they partake in any surveys attached to the app.

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The surveys available on the app were said to be for USA users and residents but as a Nigerian residence if you
wish to partake within the survey available on cashcamel there’s how to urge thereto .

Requirements Needed To Be ready to Partake On CashCamel Surveys

  1. A VPN is required which can be wont to change location to the quality one.
  2. Download Windscribe VPN and obtain 100GB free access.
  3. A cash camel app are going to be needed.
  4. A valid email account are going to be needed too.

How To Join Cash Camel Survey

  • To join the cash camel survey you’ve got to register first.
  • Before you’ll register you would like to say yourself to be from the USA.
  • You can get to by-pass that by employing a VPN to vary your location.
  • Now open the VPN you only download above.
  • Switch the situation to the USA and confirm you switch off your phone location.
  • Now you’ll now download the cashcamel app.
  • Click here to download the app from the play store.Cash camel app on play store
  • After the app has been successfully downloading and installed.
  • Open it confirm you usually activate your VPN before you access the app.
  • When you open the cash camel app.
  • You will be given the primary time survey which will earn you some reward in cash dollar.
  • Which is that the process you’ll be asked to register.
  • Provide your email for registration and a verification mail that contains the code are going to be sent to the e-mail box.

    Start Earning More Than 5000 ($12) On Cash Camel

    Start Earning More Than 5000 ($12) On Cash Camel

  • Copy the code and use it to verify your cashcamel account.

Then you’re good to travel , take the survey, and a few other surveys from the app to face an opportunity to earn more.

How To Withdraw From Cash Camel

  1. The minimum withdrawal is claimed to be $10 up to N4000 in naira currency.
  2. After you’ve got reached the minimum withdrawal or more.
  3. Feel in your PayPal email account for withdrawal.
  4. And await an alert on your PayPal account.
  5. If you don’t have a PayPal account yet click here to urge one or create one.

And lastly, your PayPal must be available for withdrawing and sending of funds.

Have you been ready to cashout from the cashcamel?

Let’s hear from you view the comments section and also join our telegram channel to urge fast updates on the newest money-making tips.

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