Landlord reduces rent by N20k due to high cost of living in Nigeria

A Nigerian landlord has announced a reduction of his tenants’ rent due to the current economic situation.

The man known as @Neniger1 on Twitter took to the microblogging platform to reveal that he has removed N20,000 from each tenants rent which will take effect from their next renewal.

According to him, the lawyer has been directed to inform the occupants of his building of the changes.


He wrote; ”With the increase in cost of living currently, I have directed my lawyer to officially write to all my tenants notifying them of a downward review of rents.

A #20,000 reduction has been approved and takes effect on their next renewal. Na who see food chop fit pay rent, tins hard.”



Meanwhile, social media users thanked him and shared their thoughts on his laudable decision.

@chonince1; Meanwhile my landlord increased his house rent by 300k without any notice. Reckoning that my new neighbor paid double of my house rent.

This man didn’t listen to anything I said, gave me two options either I pay it or leave that people are seeking for the apartment. Smh

@Louincossy; Do you know your Landlord cannot just increase your rent without having a discussion with you or his tenants?

You can also refuse not to pay. And he cannot ask you to quit. Maybe you consult a lawyer also for proper guidance.

@chidimarsh; And my landlord just increased the rent because of the harsh economic in the country.

@sakooniyo; God bless you real good. My brother’s house is the cheapest in my area. 120k 2 bedroom apartment. He’s not a Nigerian based though but still he makes life easier for all his tenants.

@Rahmanolaitan2; In my estate, almost all the landlords increased their rent by over 50%. A friend paying 450k will start paying 800k. I don’t even know my fate now coz my landlord has not said anything.



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