Glo Is Dashing 1tb For Free Get Yours Now

Step By Step On How To Get Up To 1TB 1,000GB Glo Data

If you recognize you’re one otherwise you make use of giant amount of knowledge on a day to day and you’ve been checking out ways to cater that then this text is for you for you’ll now get a Glo 1TB one terabyte which is approximately 1000GB plus amount of glo data respectively read the article to the top to urge more info amount this data plan.

Globalcom one among the grand master of knowledge in Nigeria has introduced a mega data plan which can allow you to urge Glo 1terabyte data 1TB which can allow you to makes use of some huge amount of knowledge if you create use of tons of knowledge either reception or work which will allow you perform what you would like with this data.

Glo One Terabyte 1000GB Mega Data Plan

Free Glo 1TB mega data plan

Free Glo 1TB mega data plan

This plan is known as Mega data plan or an excellent data plan because it had been attached with another related huge amount of knowledge which range from smaller to greater which will now allow you to urge the  1TB mega plan respectively.
You should know it’s not free, it’s a knowledge plan which can be afforded to you in a reasonable way respectively and you’ll get 225GB data for N30,000 which is a component of the mega data plan.

The Glo 1TB mega data plan cost N100,000 while another little mega plans also are still available respectively as you’ll get a 300GB data plan for N36,000 with another offer attached with it.

They don’t stop their they even have the plan of N50,000 which can allow you to urge 425GB amount of data respective to the top till it’s reaches 1TB data plan.

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N60,000 glo amount of knowledge will offer you 525GB mega data plan and 675GB for N75,000 which the 1TB ends the plan which will even be fetch out from the table below in reference to the quantity of knowledge you’ll get plus plan.

Price # Amount Of Data
30,000 255GB
36,000 300GB
50,000 425GB
60,000 525GB
75,000 675GB
100,0000 1TB

You can get does data plan as a mega data plan or super data plan find out how to subscribe before.

How To subscribe Glo Super Mega Plan Glo 1TB Data

  • Visit Glo data plan site here and locate the super mega plan.
  • After that select plan or your choice load the airtime on your line and subscribe.
  • Offline method by dialing *777# and switch to data plan or Super Mega plan.
  • Then select the plan of your choice from the mage plan provided on the list.

What Are your thoughts about this plan?

Less we forget this plan doesn’t select any sim or customers, for it’s available and every one glo customers either new or old members are eligible to form use of this super mega data plan respectively.

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