Airtel 500MB For N100. Power Up With VPN

Airtel 500MB For N100. Power Up With VPN

The airtel social bundle plan because the social plan has been something that has been alive for quite while but most of the people realize it a previous year now we are in 2021 they need seen to feature another plan which is airtel social plan or bundle of 500MB that you simply can get for just N100 quite cheap right.

We see this together of the affordable data plans which was offered by airtel to browse all the social media that are present on your devices like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, et al. but with the assistance of some VPNs like Ha tunnel plus VPN, Stark VPN reloaded, http injector VPN, Psiphon vpn et al. you’ll be ready to make use of the airtel social data to browse all app which power it up.

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There is another social media bundle by airtel which is 700MB for N300. most of the people realize that but now we delivered to you another thing entirely. Now let’s mention how you’ll get this airtel social bundle for 2021 respectively.

How To Activate Airtel Social Bundle 500MB For N100 Airtel Social Plan

Airtel is giving 500MB

Airtel is giving 500MB

  • Not quite hard to urge this done you only got to dial some Code to activate the airtel 500MB social plan for N100.
    Dial the code *141*104# to subscribe for the airtel 500MB social plan.
  • But confirm you’ve got an airtime amount of N100 on your airtel line before you’ll get this done.
  • And one thing you ought to put at the rear of your mind is that this plan may be a selective plan.
  • That is the airtel social bundle plan of 500MB isn’t eligible for all airtel customers for you’ll need to be eligible for the plan before you’ll get this done.
  • Since the plan is affordable and stated to be one among the cheat plans, airtel has selected a number of their customers which will be ready to Subscribe or activate the airtel 500MB plan.
  • You will get a related message as shown below which can imply that you simply aren’t eligible for this plan but don’t panic or lose hope.

Life doesn’t end that way. there’s another airtel cheap social plan that you simply can subscribe too which can offer you 700MB for N300 respectively.

We’ve already talked that for quite while but if you continue to don’t know you’ll read more about it here or follow the below steps to urge it done.

How To Activate Airtel Social Bundle 700MB for N300 Airtel Social Plan

  • Very easy to urge this done because most of the people are eligible for the airtel social plan of 700MB for N300.
  • Just dial the code *688# and confirm you’ve got 300 on your line.
  • Once that’s done you’ve got successfully subscribed to any of the airtel social plans with an amount of knowledge of 700MB to be used.

Now is to understand how you’ll power it up with different sorts of VPN that tunnel your browsing out their server as tools.

Let’s get the wants ready.
But remember we’ll be talking about just three VPNs which entail Ha tunnel VPN, Psiphon VPN, and HTTP injector VPN.

Requirements For VPN To Power Airtel Social Plan

  • Download Psiphon VPN here
  • Ha tunnel Plus VPN download it here it’ll need a config file which will be provided here .hat file.
  • Http injector VPN download from playstore or follow the direct download link here .ehi and also get the file from here.

Note: if you download any config file either from the above link alternatively and you check the file end with .txt. Extension rather than the VPN extension then download Es file explorer here and use it to edit the config file to the extension that’s compatible with the VPN.

Now we move to the step-up of every VPN one after the opposite before we end this post.

How To Use Psiphon VPN To Power Up Airtel 500MB Social Plan

  • Once you’ve downloaded and installed the psiphon VPN you’ll use it to power your airtel social bundle 500MB for N100 plan by.
  • Simply open the VPN and switch on your data connection.
  • By now you want to have subscribed to the bundle which is that the social plan.
  • Then find the beginning button on the vpn and click on thereon . Airtel 500MB For 100 power up with psiphon vpn
  • Wait for the VPN to attach and which you’ll find on the vpn.
  • Once it connects, you’ll now use the social plan data with any app on your mobile device.

This can also work for iOS users where you’ll download psiphon VPN for iPhone or iOS devices here, subscribe the plan, and hook up with the VPN straightforwardly.

Now we move to subsequent one.

How To Use Http Injector VPN To Power Up Airtel Social Plan 500MB For 100

  • After you’ve got downloaded and installed the VPN http Injector.
  • Download the config file from the link above which is provided on the wants bar. power up airtel social plan 500MB for N100 With http injector ehi file
  • After that open the VPN and import it and by locating the import button on the VPN.
  • Import button is found at the highest right corner of the app menu bar then finds the config file on your phone download folder.
  • After that, activate your airtel data connection and connect.
    You now browse together with your airtel 500MB for N100 social button plan.

How To Power Up Airtel 500MB For N100 Social Bundle Plan With Ha Tunnel VPN

  • Just like the previous VPN, download the app and download the config file.
  • Import the config file to your ha tunnel plus VPN and connect. Airtel social bundle power up with ha tunnel vpn
  • Which you’ll got to renew your access by expecting just 30 secs.
  • And then you’ll keep browsing together with your airtel social bundle plan.

You should also know that this VPN also will power your 700MB airtel social bundle plan for does that aren’t eligible for the 500MB plan respectively.

Does it hook up with you?

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