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AC Milan Academy Scholarship

AC Milan Academy Scholarship

AC Milan stands for “Associazione Calcio Milan”. The soccer club is an Italian soccer club founded in 1899. The club’s home ground is San Siro, a stadium with 80,000 seats. AC Milan is one of the first division clubs in Italy, given the achievements in Italian and European soccer. The history of the club is full of achievements to be taken into account.

AC Milan is one of the most popular football teams in Italy and one of the strongest in Europe. This club has indeed won no less than 17 Italian championships, 5 Italian Cups, 7 Champions Leagues and a Club World Cup.


Among the great players who have worn the colors of the club are the winners of the Golden Ball Kaka and Ronaldinho. Paolo Maldini, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, among others. The club is also considered one of the richest clubs in Italy. AC Milan has a large number of fans in Italy and around the world.

AC Milan Academy:

The club’s youth wing focuses on training the next generation of AC Milan professionals. The academy is not only based in Italy. There is the AC Milan Academy Dubai, AC Milan Academy Kerala and AC Milan Academy Sydney, among others. The club invests heavily in the services of expert coaches, fitness professionals, tutors and other sports academicians to teach the youngsters.


Milan Academy is dedicated to train public under 18 years old in sports activities through the soccer coaching sponsored by AC Milan. Ac Milan academy supports students by offering excellence, teamwork and professional training programs and services.


AC Milan Academy Scholarship:

The history of the AC Milan club reveals that many of its members have risen through the ranks of the Academy. Upon enrolling in the AC Milan Academy, students are introduced to various programs, depending on their age and experience level.

The Ac Milan Academy is known by giving everyone an equal opportunity. In addition, many of the requirements can also be obtained in the Football Academy Scholarships in Europe. AC Milan Youth Academy Trials, AC Milan Academy Enrollment, AC Milan Academy Players, Football Academy Scholarships in Europe

Youngsters as young as 8 years old can also apply for the AC Milan Youth Camp. Visit the Academy official website for more details “”.


Young applicants are accepted into the club through the AC Milan Academy scouts and open soccer trials. However, international applicants can also apply through the club’s website or a special essay.

People who meet the following requirements are welcomed to apply for the scholarship:

  • Provide good details about themselves, their previous clubs and contacts.
  • Parental consent, especially for those under 18.
  • Proof of financial need if applying for AC Milan Academy scholarships.
  • Strive to submit a video of them; this method applies mainly to international applicants.


Visit the official Academy website “” to begin registration and also to learn more.


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